Forces of War is the official force builder for
Flames of War, the World War II miniatures game.
Flames of War Forces

Forces provides players with a simple and intuitive way to build army lists for Flames Of War.

Forces takes the heavy lifting out building an army. With a few clicks you can build an army, then you can print or save it for submitting to tournament organisers or giving to your opponents. It even provides the card reference information to help you track down the appropriate Unit Cards from your collection.

If you have never used Forces before you can find out more about how it works right here...
Forces Updates

For well over a decade, Forces has been an outstanding digital tool to build and plan your armies meaning you can come up with your next game-winning force even when your books (or cards) aren’t nearby. Over the past few months we have been reviewing some options for how Forces needs to change in the future. You can find out more here...
Forces for other Battlefront games

Looking for a fast and simple way to build an army for World War III: Team Yankee, ‘Nam? or Fate Of A Nation? We have a dedicated portal for these periods, just click on one of the links below. Don’t worry, your login information is the same across all Forces websites.

World War III: Team Yankee Forces click here…
'Nam and Fate Of A nation Forces click here…
What's new on Forces

1 Jan 2024 Mid-War Dynamic Points updated.

We’ve recently added the option for players to use Dynamic Points in Mid War ONLY. These points are based off feedback from thousands of games across the world, as well as plenty of internal review. Overall, these changes won’t change the balance of the game — it’s well balanced at the moment, but you will see a change in the composition of the forces turning up at games. Some forces that we feel should be core become more attractive, while others that took advantage of the points in strange ways become less so. The vast majority of forces you can build will be largely unchanged. For veteran Mid-War players, these changes should make for some refreshing new challenges!

Click here to find out more about Dynamic and Book Points on Forces.

Switch between Dynamic and Book points on the Account page.
Battlefront’s Events Site

Battlefront has created a new Events website so that players and organisers around the world can quickly and easily create their events, or search for upcoming ones. If you are planning on hosting an event head over there now and create your login so you can begin telling the community about your plans.

Tournament Organisers can also take full advantage of 30 days free and full access to Flames Of War Forces to help with checking and vetting entrants’ army lists. Simply contact [email protected] with the details of your events and you will be sent a unique login to give you 30 days of access to Forces.
Late War
Berlin: German
Berlin: Soviet
Bulge: American Force
Bulge: British Force

Mid War
Afrika Korps Force
Iron Cross Force
Ghost Panzers Force
Fighting First Force
Armoured Fist Force
Enemy at the Gates Force
Red Banner Force
Free Afrika Korps Force